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Thomas on Ballot for Ashtabula County Auditor

Austinburg Township Fiscal Officer David Thomas announces his filing of petitions for the office of Ashtabula County Auditor in the November 2018 election.

Accessibility and promoting a business-friendly environment on behalf of county residents to spur growth will be a top priority for Thomas in serving as County Auditor.

“Since I announced my candidacy this past fall, I have spoken with many small business owners, farmers, lawyers, and professionals. They have shared excitement for a change in perspective in our County Auditor’s office,” states Thomas. “From involving effected groups in policy making, to consistently educating concerned taxpayers, we need a proactive attitude in the office.”

Thomas touts his customer service sensibility and transparency as Austinburg Township Fiscal Officer, which he believes should serve as a model at the county level. “The Auditor’s office has the potential to educate our residents, advocate for their interests, be accessible and a presence in the community. I am running to make sure all of these services are a priority all of the time,” said Thomas.

“When I hear that fees and regulations which impact nearly all residents were planned to change under the radar by the Auditor’s Office in 2016 without true input from private sector professionals, there is a disconnect. Those in the private sector who rely on the Auditor’s Office to serve their customers should be involved and have certainty in the rules,” shares Thomas.

“It is also disheartening to know our local farmers’ tax bills doubled and even tripled in the past few years,” explained Thomas. An active member of the Ashtabula County 4H program as a student, Thomas continues to support the youth and agricultural community. “I have seen with my own eyes the struggles those in agriculture face, as my grandparents are farmers and my family raise pigs annually. People don’t understand the thin margins farms operate under and the risk farmers take. Instead of being reactive to these outrageous tax increases, we should have warned them and pushed for relief sooner.”

“In my current position as Austinburg Fiscal Officer, I have focused on engaging residents in the government process by educating them on how they are taxed and where their dollars are spent. I intend to do the same as County Auditor because you deserve more,” concludes Thomas.

A lifelong resident of Ashtabula County, Thomas served on Austinburg Township’s zoning board at the age of 16, easing zoning regulations on business. As a college student at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, he worked in state and federal government positions, including in the Columbus Statehouse, in the United State House of Representatives, and for the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C. Yet, he chose to return to Ashtabula County because he wants to play a role in the future success of the community. Thomas is employed full time at Grand River Academy and is completing his Master of Business Administration at Baldwin Wallace University.

Thomas is a coalition leader for the Ohioans for Payday Loan Reform and 2016 Ashtabula County LEADERship Graduate. He also serves as board member of the Geneva Rotary Club, After School Discovery, Ashtabula County Continued Education Support Services (ACCESS), Ashtabula County Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), Paul Demshar Foundation, and as Treasurer for the Ashtabula County Township Association and the Missions Fund at Ashtabula First Church of the Nazarene, where he is a member. He is a recipient of the 2017 Top 5 Under 45 Award for Ashtabula County.

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