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"Heard on the Campaign Trail Questions"

I love attending many events in our area not just because each has delicious food and often benefiting a great cause, but also because being out in the public means tax payers can ask questions and feel comfortable with me. This is a pillar of our campaign- You Deserve More Accessible Government! I wanted to give you some of the questions folks have so you can share with your friends and family. Check out some "heard on the campaign trail questions" below:

Question: Why the Auditor's Office and not some other position? My Response: The biggest room for growth in being business friendly and using our county government to aid business and residents is in the Auditor's Office. Creating policies and working with farmers, businesses, and taxpayers is exactly how we improve the reputation of our community and ease of getting things done. Question: Do you have your CPA? My Response: I am finishing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) which I believe is a degree better fit to lead the Auditor's Office. We need more than just a person who understands numbers, but also knows the needs of area businesses, how to negotiate agreements to help taxpayers, and is focused on more than the accounting side. Even with CPAs in the office, the County still contracts out annual reporting, so there is no difference. You don't need a degree to know how to treat people with a customer service mentality. Question: Shouldn't you be out at a party or doing what 20 somethings do? My Response: (Politely laugh) No, I am more than happy spending my time campaigning and working for the community. We need more young people getting involved and having the opportunity to serve. New blood is a must in Ashtabula County. Question: What is one thing you would change? My Response: Right off the bat I would put the County on the Online Checkbook like I have with Austinburg and work with the Treasurer's Office to include more information in tax bills on how your property taxes are evaluated. Same goes for taxpayers who pay through mortgages, they have a right to know the info in an easy to understand way too. Question: What party are you running under? My Response: I am a Republican candidate because I believe that smaller, local government is best equipped to serve the needs of the community. At the local level though, party doesn't matter as much as the person and what they can achieve here. To be continued....

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