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Setting the Record Straight- CPA Myth

One of the biggest misconceptions I encounter in the public is that voters believe to be County Auditor a candidate should be a CPA. I have several strong counter-arguments if you are told I am unqualified or not fit because I chose a Master in Business Administration over getting my CPA. 1. I have my MBA which gives me a business perspective and out of the box thinking on the opportunities in Ashtabula County. I don't need an accounting degree to know how best to give you good Customer Service. 2. As Austinburg Fiscal Officer I oversee all payroll, records, and budgeting for our Township meaning I know government accounting and budgets. 3. The Auditor does not do the day to day financing for the County nor the financial reports. Despite promises to do so, even our current Auditor admitted "it’s not something I can sit down and do". Instead I see the role as policy making, educating, and advocating on behalf of residents. (Star Beacon 3/20/2011)

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