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A Business Mentality is Needed for County Auditor

I'm a proud Masters in Business Administration (MBA) graduate of Baldwin Wallace University. I will bring a business minded approach to the Auditor's Office because I know you can be served better! Taxpayers have so many questions- with my fresh perspective and out of the box thinking, we can help give you certainty for your budgets.

Do you know if your property values and taxes went up or down this past year? Do you know why they changed? Do you know you can appeal those valuations? Do you know how to properly file deeds and transfer land with surveys? Do you know where your tax dollars are being spent or what portion is allocated where?

Expanding the role of County Auditor as an information source to the public will be my priority. Don't worry though, your finances will still be well managed with good hiring and leadership by the excellent public servants in the office.

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