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It's Just Not Right.....

Another reminder of why Change is Needed this November! My opponent promised to have a nonpolitical office and yet, that is not what our taxpayers are funding. It is just not right to have County employees actively campaigning for their bosses. Every single re-election staffer is an employee or employee family member.

I believe this creates a hyper-partisan office environment which is bad for tax payers and worse for government professionals. The selling of Party fundraising tickets, questioning of political allegiance, and focus on campaign matters shifts good priorities into conflicts of interests. How can a resident feel comfortable questioning values and seeking advice or an employee speak out in this type of partisan environment? Employees should not have to be worried about party politics and looking good for the boss.

Even if an employee will vote for their boss, if campaigning is allowed this forces a divisive culture with undertones of ally and foe and distracting questions of allegiance when the only priority should be serving the taxpayer.

The Auditor's Office has become an extension of a Political Party in our County with top positions receiving party approval and party officers being rewarded. We must return to the separation of party politics and serving you. I pledge to never allow my office employees to campaign for me because it is just the right thing to do!

People ask me what a difference between myself and the current administration would be, the removal of partisan politics is a great start.

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