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My Take- Star Beacon: Spire Institute value set at $11.5 million

The Board of Revisions under leadership by the Current County Auditor concluded what they could have decided in 2016 without using your $100,000+ Taxpayer Dollars on a California Appraisal team and delaying the SPIRE uncertainty by 2 years. The Auditor hired this appraisal group to apparently tell us, "...the current use of Spire is not economically sustainable” while then relying on the free-to-County-Taxpayers appraisal advice of the Geneva School Board's expert.

I will be accused of political motives, personal shaming, and Monday morning quarterbacking- but calling out the delays, uncertainty, and lack of leadership on SPIRE by the current County Auditor's Office is not political, it is holding our officials accountable. This process has not been fair to the taxpayers, to our businesses, and the community.

See the Star Beacon Article: Spire Institute value set at $11.5 million.


During our debates, I have consistently stated that Government's role is to provide certainty and have made the case why the current Auditor's Administration has not lived up to that promise. Prime Example SPIRE... It is the role of the County Auditor to set a fair value on property. After 4 years, this has not happened. The uncertainty has helped to create the terrible situation our community is in today.“This is why you don’t have certainty. You can’t say for certain what taxes are going to be,” Corlett said. Yet it is his job to do so.

The kicking-the-can-down-the-road leadership must end. If this is the experience he wants you to vote on, it is clearly time for a change!

See the Star Beacon Article: The Spire Waiting Game

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