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Judi's Story- This Could Be You! Change is Needed

Many people in recent letters to the Editor have been saying that Roger Corlett has the knowledge and the experience to do the best job on valuations for real estate property in Ashtabula County. These valuations are on Lake Rd., Conneaut. I own Lot 7 in the Willow Beach Park Plat so we will look at some property values around my property.

According to the Auditor’s Office, Lot 7 is 40 ft x 86 ft. or .079 acres and appraised for taxes at $57,900. In 2016, my lot was valued at $48,200. In 2013 my lot was valued at $7400. Another Lot in the Plat is a Lot 40 x 110 or .10.10 acre and it is currently valued at $5170. A lot just a couple lots east of mine is 1.105 acres with an appraisal value for taxes at $74,130. Yes, it fronts on Lake Road and goes to Lake Erie. One just to the west of my property, 60 x 145 or .1977 acres is valued at $12,020. This property lot is almost 3 times the size of mine which if my value is correct, would make its value almost 3 1/2 times the value of my property or close to $200,000. Ashtabula County Prosecutor, Nicholas Iarocci’s lot is 95 x 195 or .3489 acre, one block away, is appraised for taxes at $18,060. The former Conneaut Golf Course is selling lots for $25,000 and $27,500. The Auditor appraised a 70 x 150 or .2419 of an acre, which sold for $25,000, at $6800. Another lot which sold for $27,500, and is 55 x 150 or .1894 acres, is appraised at $7200.

If you’ll remember from the beginning of the letter, my lot is 40 x 86, or .079 acres according to the Auditor’s website and is appraised at $57,900.for taxes. When I e-mailed Deputy Auditor Dennis DeCamillo, I asked him, “Please e-mail me all documents, comparables, and any information you have which contributed to your determining the current tax value of …7 Willow Beach… He e-mailed back, “I do not have any documents to provide that contributed to the determination of the current tax value.”

Do you see a problem here? I do!


Judi Peaspanen

Vote for

David Thomas

This is my story about my property taxes under Roger Corlett, as Ashtabula County Auditor. Could any of this happen to you? It might! Just ask other citizens to hear their stories.

In 2014, my valuation for my cottage was raised from $28,600 to $102,300. A well-respected appraiser appraised the cottage at $28,000. I filed an appeal with the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. When a taxpayer files to have his real estate taxes reviewed for reduction, he can appear before the Board of Tax appeals or have an attorney represent him. I called the Ohio Board of Tax appeals and they said I needed an appraisal, comparables and an appointment to appear before the Board.

Then the Ashtabula County Auditor’s Office requested discovery and l was ordered by the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals to have a warrantless interior search of my building by the Ashtabula County Auditor. Was the Ohio Revised Code or the Ohio Administrative Code being followed? In my opinion I think this was biased against me. To protect my constitutional rights from being violated, l was forced to drop my tax appeal.

Roger Corlett had previously asked me to have John G. Cleminshaw appraise my property for future coastal development because people want to buy property along the lake. It is not the job of Roger Corlett to appraise my property for sale. John Cleminshaw, the appraiser, did call me on the phone. I refused to allow him to appraise my property. Then Ashtabula County Deputy Auditor Dennis DeCamillo and an appraiser trespassed on my property anyway. Dennis told the police l gave my signed permission, which I never did.

Now the Auditor’s Office is refusing to transfer the lots in the Willow Beach Park Plat into my son’s name, unless deeds with incorrect legal descriptions are recorded for his mortgage. See Ohio Supreme Court Case 2018-1122. I own one-third of this property and have for many years. Certainly I know what I own, and it is not the same legal descriptions that the auditor’s office insists be recorded. The auditor’s office and Ashtabula County Offices are using taxpayer money to fight this lawsuit.

I have talked to other people who have said they have had similar problems.

Your be the judge! Make your own decision. I’m voting for David Thomas for auditor!

Judi Peaspanen


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