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Meet the Incoming Team: Sue Belden

As we prepare to take office March 11th, I am pleased to continue introducing you to the incoming Managers! We have been greatly assisted by the current Auditor and his staff which has allowed for a smooth transition and us to be ready on March 11th.

Sue Belden will serve as the incoming Office Manager. Her duties will include tax settlements, dog licenses, business and cigarette licenses, HR for a staff of 24, payroll, purchasing, and many other personnel responsibilities.

A lifelong resident of Ashtabula County, Sue currently resides in Jefferson with her husband Nick and daughter Violet. Upon graduation from Kent State University, she went on to work in the Human Resource field for over a decade. She is thrilled to begin the role of Office Manager for the Auditor's Office, bringing with her a knowledge of policies and procedures, as well as a kind heart and compassion for fellow coworkers.

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