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Woodlands Education Session June 12th

Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas will be holding an evening education session for property owners who are interested in learning more about the Woodlands CAUV or Ohio Forest Tax Law program. Attendees are encouraged to attend on Wednesday June 12th at 6pm at Henderson Library to hear from local experts, Auditor staff, and apply for the tax savings.

The two options available are the CAUV Woodlands program through the Auditor’s Office and the Ohio Forest Tax Law program through the Ohio Department of Natural Resource. Both would require 10 or more acres of woodlands and a forest management plan. Each option has certain benefits and restrictions which allow residents to choose the best plan for themselves.

Joining the Auditor’s Office on June 12th will be Nathan Paskey with the Division of Soil and Water, Dr. Paul Mechling of Pierpont and Tree Farmer of the Year recipient, Bruce Vance of Jefferson who is a local woodlands owner, and Fred Pierce Ruhland of Kingsville and a local woodlands owner and experienced CAUV task force leader.

For questions, or to RSVP for the evening, please contact Auditor David Thomas at 440-576-3785 or More information can be found on the Auditor’s website at

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