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First Two Auditor’s Homestead Education Sessions Well Attended

Ashtabula- The Ashtabula County Auditor’s Office has held the first two of five Homestead Tax Credit Education Sessions with positive responses from residents. Auditor David Thomas hosted discussions in both Conneaut and Ashtabula early this month with 20 seniors attending his Conneaut session and 45 visiting during the Ashtabula event.

“The response from residents with questions and eagerness to learn about the Homestead Tax Credit program has been extremely positive,” shared Auditor Thomas. “This is a big savings for folks on a fixed income and our goal is give the information to those deserving the credit.”

Sessions were located at the Conneaut Public Library and the Ashtabula Center for Active Living. Kris Paolillo, staff member in the Auditor’s Office who handles a variety of tax programs including the Homestead and Owner Occupancy Credit, presented on the qualifications and benefits to being on the Homestead Credit.

Tax payers who are 65 years or older and own their home with an annual adjusted Ohio Gross Income of less than $32,800, are permanently disabled, or are military veterans permanently disabled from a service related injury can qualify. The benefit for the Homestead Tax Program is a $25,000 reduction from the market value of the resident’s home or $50,000 in the case of military veterans permanently disabled from a service related injury.

“I encourage anyone curious about these programs to attend one of the upcoming sessions or call Kris for more information. She does a wonderful job at helping residents understand their options,” stated Auditor Thomas.

Sessions will be held at the Orwell Country Neighbor on July 24th at 10am, Andover Country Neighbor on July 25th at 10am, and the Geneva Public Library on July 29th at 3pm. All events are free to the public and will include refreshments. For questions on the program or education sessions, please contact Kris Paolillo in the Auditor’s Office at 440-576-3445 or For questions or assistance in Auditor Office matters, staff can be reached at 440-576-3783 or .

(Pictured is Auditor David Thomas’ Homestead Tax Credit Session at the Ashtabula Center for Active Living with Auditor’s Office staff member Kris P Paolillo.)

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