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Anonymous Map Donation Presented to Richmond Township Trustees

Richmond Township- A new resident of Richmond Township gave the Township Trustees a surprise gift at their regular meeting on Monday evening. The resident, who moved to the area just over a year ago, had voted in the Townhall several times and was disappointed in the map which hung on the wall. The anonymous individual decided to donate a brand new, completely updated map of Richmond Township in appreciation for the Trustees’ helpfulness in welcoming him to the area.

The map was the creation of Ashtabula County Auditor staff member Caroline Peterson who handles the GIS system for the county. “One of my favorite things is to make maps for the public in Ashtabula county”, Caroline shared. “David has been a great advocate on providing the best technology for the GIS department. We hope to work more with the public on providing mapping solutions.”

The large 5x4 foot map displays the most up to date owner names and satellite imagery of Richmond. The Trustees enjoyed going over the map to view different parcels along with the donor and Auditor David Thomas. “It was so nice to see the surprise on the Trustees’ faces when the donor unveiled the new map”, described Auditor Thomas. “This is just an example of the many things our office can provide local residents and entities.”

Richmond Township will now be displaying the map, along with the donor’s handcrafted frame, in the Townhall for all residents to see. “I hope our community can come together and see where everyone lives and become closer through this small token”, explained the anonymous donor to the Township Trustees. The resident wished to be unnamed to keep the focus on the work of the Township and Auditor’s Office.

(Pictured is Township Trustees David Ballentine, Robert Brown, and Allen Slater with County Auditor David Thomas.)

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