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1st Excellence in Measurement Award Granted!

Pierpont Township- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas along with Auditor staff member Jim Varckette delivered a surprise this August to a Pierpont Township staple. Robert Richcreek received the inaugural Excellence in Measurement Award from the Auditor’s Office.

Mr. Richcreek owns and operates the Pierpont Gas Station at the corner of State Route 167 and State Route 7. “I asked Jim, who handles Weights & Measures in our office, who should receive the first recognition and without a second thought he said Bob”, shared Auditor David Thomas. This award recognizes the stations, companies, and local entities tested by the Auditor’s Office which goes above and beyond in quality and service.

September will mark Mr. Richcreek’s 62nd year in operation and management at his station, while having the distinction of a perfect testing record. “I really appreciate this aware,” said Mr. Richcreek. “I just enjoy running this station and it’s what I do.”

The Weights & Measures Program managed by the Auditor’s Office is responsible for testing and inspecting commercial weighing and measuring devices such as scales, gasoline pumps, scanners etc., the state assists in the testing and inspection of vehicle scales, fuel meters (fuel oil, gasoline and LP gas) and packaged consumer goods. Jim Varckette has served as the inspector for Ashtabula County for 28 years.

“Jim does a tremendous job ensuring the public good,” stated Auditor Thomas. “A quality Weights & Measures Program saves the average household at least $300.00 per year.” Ashtabula County has 1,366 Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers inspected yearly in addition to 401 Scales and 165 Establishments which are checked once a year.

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