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Successful Auditor Forfeited Land Sale!

(Picture Credit Warren Dillaway, Ashtabula Star Beacon)

Jefferson- The Ashtabula County Auditor's Office held a very successful Forfeited Land Auction this past Monday morning. Over 100 bidders attended Auditor David Thomas' first Forfeited Land Sale.

The Auction sold 88 of 102 properties at a total of $90,000. "These properties had been vacant or foreclosed on for several years", shared Auditor Thomas, "I am excited to see them back into productive use and on the tax rolls contributing to our community."

Of special note, the highest paid amount was $9,000 for a home in Ashtabula City which had $11,000 of back taxes owed. Many properties went for the minimum bid amount of $100, while several garnered competitive bids in the thousands.

"I certainly want to thank our staff and the Treasurer and Prosecutor's Office for their diligent work on this sale. We're hoping to have two a year to help move these properties as fast as possible in the future!" said Thomas.

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