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PROPERTY TAX NOTICE: Please read below and visit…/2019-Tax-Bill-and-Prope… for more information and to see your property details.

“Voters passed an additional $5,613,000 worth of property tax levies in 2019. These taxes are based on property values as of January 1, 2019 and payable in 2020.

The Auditor’s Office role is to determine property value, assign tax rates passed by the voters, subtract credits and reduction factors, and assess the resulting tax amounts to the property.

Voters passed 9 additional levies this past year which results in new taxes for all property owners throughout the county. As new value is added and the tax burden is shared among new homes and businesses, individual’s taxes for these new levies will decrease. Until that occurs, they will collect at their full rates.

The Auditor’s Office cannot provide relief for taxes, except through credits on Homestead, CAUV, and Owner Occupancy. If property owners believe their value is correct but taxes are too high, the Auditor has no authority to help. If the owner believes a value is incorrect, I would encourage them to contact our office.”

If you have questions, please message, call our office 440-576-3783, or email

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