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2020 Revaluation Postcards Sent

Our office has strived to make this Revaluation the most transparent and open process possible. We have sent every resident a postcard, informing you of the process, and how you can safely interact with our office during COVID-19 restrictions.

As of October 28th, the State of Ohio has just approved the values determined by our Auditor Office’s extensive process. We viewed in person every single parcel in Ashtabula County, nearly 80,000.

We have these new values on the Revaluation Website, . Here you can view Frequently Asked Questions, see progress, and once values are updated- view your 2020 Revaluation Value. If you believe there is an issue with your value, you can use the website to contact our office with background information useful to our Appraisal Department.

This is the best way to begin a discussion on your values. We ask that you do not visit or call our office due to high volumes of residents contacting us and COVID-19 precautions.


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