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Auditor Thomas Sets Conveyance Standards Hearings

Auditor Sets Conveyance Standards Hearings

Jefferson- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced two upcoming hearings to review proposed updates to the Ashtabula County Conveyance Standards. The hearings are scheduled for February 26th at 1:30pm and March 12th at 1:30pm, both to be held at the Ashtabula County Engineer’s Office.

“Conveyance standards are the bible of transferring property in Ashtabula County,” shared Auditor David Thomas. “These are the rules by which the Auditor and Engineer’s Office handle property transfers, surveys, taxes, and information sharing.” The current Conveyance Standards were last ratified and updated in 1997 with failed attempted changes occurring in 2014 and 2016. During Auditor Thomas’ first year in office, Real Estate Manager Dennis Huey and Engineer’s Office Surveyor Tyler Matrisciano, collaborated to create a working update of rules.

“I’m very grateful for the team work of not only our office but of the Engineer’s Department and private sector partners who have given input and suggestions for these standards,” stated Auditor Thomas. “The current Conveyance Standards are nearly as old as I am and were in desperate need of updating to actual practice.”

By Ohio law, the Auditor and Engineer’s Office must hold two public hearings to receive comments and share the new standards with the public. Thomas noted however, “Our office sent copies and requested feedback during our drafting process and before setting the hearing dates, so we believe these rules are in good standing with our partners.” Interested individuals can contact the Auditor’s Office to receive a copy of the draft proposal by calling 440-576-3785 or emailing

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