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County Auditor Thomas presents to State Auditor Association

Cuyahoga Falls- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas presented to the summer conference of the County Auditor Association of Ohio (CAAO) on homestead and owner occupancy. Homestead and owner occupancy tax credits are available through Thomas’ office and are both programs aimed at lowering the tax burden for those who qualify.

“It was really nice to be asked to speak to my fellow Auditors about what we do in Ashtabula County for outreach,” said Auditor David Thomas. “Our goal is always to ensure everyone knows about the credits and can qualify if they’re eligible.”

Thomas presented on Homestead’s eligibility being a program for typically retired seniors and those permanently disabled. This program reduces the property’s value for tax purposes by $25,000 off the appraised or market value. The average savings for homeowners in Ashtabula County is $450.

“We hear from people who often have lived in their home for a long time and are having trouble affording their bills and then the tax bill hits,” explained Auditor Thomas. “I always encourage folks to reach out to our office and we’ll do our best to give resources like these credits.”

Veterans who are 100% disabled as a result of their military service are eligible for an additional Homestead credit making their savings $50,000 off the value of their home for tax purposes. Thomas’ office partners with the Veterans Service Commission and others to raise awareness for these veteran’s benefits.

The weeklong conference held by the CAAO included sessions on tax rates, IRS policy, property value appraisals, and much more with over 200 attendees.

Thomas and his office have scheduled five education sessions for this summer to share information on Homestead, Owner Occupancy, and other tax programs. Information for applying for these credits or attending the sessions are on the Auditor’s website.


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