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David Thomas Announces Run for New Ohio 65th House District

Johnston Township- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced his run for State Representative in the new Ohio House District 65 with his grandparents, Dominic and Diana Marchese, at their family farm in Johnston. The new 65th District covers the near entirety of Ashtabula County and the northern and eastern portions of Trumbull County. Thomas is seeking the Republican nomination in the March 2024 Primary. The old 65th District is currently represented by Michael Loychik (R-Cortland).

“I am running for State Representative because as County Auditor I have seen too many seniors taxed out of their homes and farmers quitting because they can’t afford their property taxes. The Property Tax system is broken, and I am ready to work for our taxpayers and help fix it,” said Thomas. “I also believe that you deserve more- customer service, more policies that deliver relief to our property taxpayers, more protections of individual liberties, and more investment in our area from Columbus.”

Thomas has served as the Ashtabula County Auditor since his election in 2018 when, at age 25, he unseated a 12-year incumbent. He attributes his success as County Auditor to his reputation for being accessible to his constituents, leading transparency efforts, advocating for taxpayers, and having a customer service mindset.

“Here is my personal phone number- (440)-812-9022 - and email -,” Thomas shared. “Please reach out anytime; I promise that I will respond promptly and you will be heard. This is how I serve as County Auditor in Ashtabula, and it is how I will serve as your State Rep.”

Thomas has a proven track record of serving and advocating for his constituents, taking the fight all the way to Columbus. As County Auditor, Thomas testified in Columbus in support of enhanced tax relief for senior citizens, CAUV property tax reform to assist farmers, ending of mask mandates and overreaching state orders, and other taxpayer protections. Having worked on legislation already, if elected, he believes that he will be ready to serve his constituents on Day One of his term.

Thomas has strong ties to Trumbull County as his grandparents and extended family live in the 65th District. Since childhood, he has spent much of his time on his family’s farm in Johnston and in Cortland.

“I’ve been blessed with a family that is focused on service,” Thomas stated. “My grandma, Diana Marchese, served Trumbull for 24 years as Recorder; my grandfather Dominic Marchese, has been a Township Trustee and leader in agriculture for decades; my other grandfather Ron Thomas, spent his career at Delphi and Packard helping many workers in that plant; and my other grandmother, Rosann Thomas, devoted herself to her family and their church.”

Today’s announcement comes after many day in Trumbull County speaking with local leaders, attending events, and building relationships that he says will be the cornerstone of his time in the legislature.

Thomas believes that his approach of building relationships and focusing on the local issues most concerning to his constituents will serve him well as State Representative for Ashtabula and Trumbull Counties. If last year’s election is any indication, the voters agree. In 2022, 70% of Ashtabula County’s voters endorsed Thomas’ vision and approach, reelecting him to another term as County Auditor based on his proven track record of service.

“I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore listening to worried residents who have to decide between paying for the essentials or paying their ever-rising property tax bills. It’s just not fair to them that Columbus has been largely ignoring their concerns for years and in many cases is actually making the problem worse. The people of Ashtabula and Trumbull Counties deserve better,” finished Thomas.


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