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David Thomas Files for 65th House District Republican Primary

Update on December 20th

I have had many changes in this race for the 65th House District. On Sunday, my original opponent, State Representative Mike Loychik dropped out of his re-election race for the 65th District and has instead filed to run for State Senate against Senator Sandra O’Brien. I am not entirely sure why he dropped out of this race, however I know that he conducted polling recently and changed races afterwards.

On Tuesday, I did receive a new primary opponent in the race, an Ashtabula County resident who has not voted in a Republican primary since 2016 and, based on the petitions circulated, was recruited by Rep. Loychik likely as an intended punishment for running against him.

What was intended for bad is actually very good. Having a primary is a blessing as I will have a forum to share my platform and message, and opportunity to strengthen my presence and leadership in Trumbull County, where I have been meeting many folks and making an impact in the race. I am humbled at the news of these changes and am excited to continue strong with a win for you in the March 2024 Primary!

I’ve knocked 1,288 doors already, attended over 136 events in the district, drove over 13,200 miles in the 65th, and have worked everyday to ensure a win on March 19th!

Make sure you’re registered, have all your family updated, and know your polling location here:


David Thomas files for Republican Primary in New 65th Ohio House District

Warren- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas has made his run for the State House official by filing petitions Monday for the newly drawn Ohio 65th House District in the March Republican Primary. Thomas announced his candidacy at the farm of his grandparents Dominic, and retired Trumbull County Recorder Diana, Marchese in Johnston Township on October 4th. His platform centers around promises of better customer service, conservative values, and property tax relief to farmers, seniors, and homeowners.

“Our people need a representative who is responsive and accessible,” said Thomas. “I'm running because I'm tired of politicians in Columbus forgetting who they work for and not achieving real help for our taxpayers.”

Thomas currently serves as Ashtabula County Auditor, a position he won at the age of 25 after unseating the incumbent Auditor of 12 years. He points to the current spike in property values and resulting taxes as one example of the need for new leadership in the 65th. “Ohio is a conservative state, and we should govern like it,” stated Thomas. “That means less spending, having actual tax reform, and giving more power back to local governments and the people.”

Specific policies Thomas points to as priorities for legislative action include changing the CAUV process helping prevent spikes for farmers, increase the Homestead benefit and eligibility for seniors and disabled residents, boosting the owner occupancy credit for homeowners, allowing more flexibility to local government for revenue and giving greater power to county budget commissions to lower tax rates as just several examples of policies to help Ohioans.

“When someone is being taxed out of their home or needs to speak with their representative but won’t get a call back, buzzwords and do-nothing bills mean very little,” explained Thomas. “I can’t sit on the sidelines and watch as our district lacks representation in Columbus and accessibility at home.”

The primary election will be held on March 19, 2024 with early voting starting in February. The new Ohio 65th House District covers the near entirety of Ashtabula County and northern and eastern Trumbull County.


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