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I'm Running for Re-Election in 2022!

Auditor Thomas Announces Re-Election Bid for 2022

For Immediate release

JEFFERSON- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced Thursday his re-election bid for Ashtabula County Auditor for 2022.

“These past three years I have consistently focused on keeping my promises of accessibility, transparency, and customer service policies for the Auditor’s Office,” shared Auditor Thomas. “We’ve done a lot in a short amount of time and in my second term I will continue these priorities.”

Thomas is in his first term as Ashtabula County Auditor having been elected to the position in 2018 and taking office in 2019. That election saw Thomas beat 12-year Auditor incumbent Roger Corlett, 17,649 votes to 14,743 votes. A 9% margin according to the Ashtabula County Board of Elections’ records. Auditor Thomas previously served as the Austinburg Township Fiscal Officer.

“Information is power. The first thing I did when I took office was move my desk to be accessible to all residents who come to our office so they immediately see me; I wanted this to be a symbol of how I lead,” said Auditor Thomas. “As your Auditor my largest impact in office has been our public education and outreach benefiting property owners and taxpayers.”

Thomas reports the Auditor’s Office as holding nearly 100 education sessions during his term focused on tax credits such as CAUV and Homestead in addition to topics on the Board of Revision, the 2020 State Mandated Revaluation, Dog Licenses, and Property Levies. He points to these efforts and work by the Auditor’s Office as leading to record numbers of tax credit participants.

“In addition to education, we have created policies and taken actions which benefit all residents in our county”, stated Auditor Thomas. “Record Forfeited Land Auctions, the first update to property transfer standards in 20 years, transparent Revaluation with postcards being mailed and a digital property complaint portal, and a good amount of work helping local governments through the financial aspects surrounding COVID to name a few.”

Thomas also points to several responsibilities of the Auditor’s Office many residents may not think of for achievements he has championed in his first term such as clean audits with the State of Ohio, greater dog license participation, updates and security protocols under County IT, a non-political Weights and Measurers seal with the creation of an Excellence in Measurement award, and advocacy for residents’ fiscal stability among others.


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