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Petition Filed for Re-Election!

I have filed my petitions for Re-Election as Ashtabula County Auditor with the maximum number of signatures allowed to be submitted, three times the number needed to be placed on the ballot for the May Primary. These 3 years have been very busy keeping my promise to you for an Accessible, Transparent, and Customer Service focused office. My ask is simple, please rehire me and our team to continue the successes we've had for the next 4 years!

Some big highlights of my 1st Term include:

-Roughly 100 education sessions on all topics of the Auditor's Office to inform residents on taxes, credits, valuations, levies, property transfers, real estate, and more.

-Most accessible and transparent Revaluation with first time mailed universal postcards, online access and complaint portal, informative sessions, and high property complaint agreement rate.

-Large increases in tax credit participants in CAUV, Forestry, Homestead, Owner Occupancy, and Destroyed Property.

-Clean audits with education and collaboration to other departments for best practices.

-Assistance in refinancing of County Debt for over $1 Million in savings along with maintaining excellent credit score.

-Updated Conveyance Standards twice to better meet the needs of property transfers for the first time since 1997.

-Held 12 Land Sales resulting in hundreds of properties now paying taxes and hundreds of thousands of dollars back to local governments.

-Growth in Dog License applicants and registrars with mobile sales and virtual additions.

-Replacement of political Weights and Measures seal with a black and white logo.

-Virtual and telephone Board of Revision options to save taxpayers' time in appeals.

-Accountability for local government budgets with robust Budget Commission actions.

and much more!


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