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Successful Autumn with the Auditor Fundraiser!

Thank you to all who supported our campaign either in person or by sending a generous donation! Your support has been so appreciated as we gear up for 2022. I haven't stopped being active and working for you and won't stop now. If you missed our 4th Annual Autumn with the Auditor but still want to support our campaign, you can donate here:

Thank you to our Sponsors-

Host Sponsor -Chairwoman Cindy Spink

Presenting Sponsor -Ron McVoy -Joe & Edie Rodgers -Dave McGrath & Sunset Transportation LLC

-Richmond Transportation Services -Nick Wayman

Supporting Sponsor -Tom & Donna Nelson -Wanda Rose -Ron & LouAnn Wilkinson

Sponsor -Bob & Linda Brobst -Rick & Linda Coblitz

-Commissioner JP Ducro

-Chairman Charlie Frye -Dave & Sandy Hall

-Clark & Cindy Heath -Bob Kenyon -Commissioner Casey Kozlowski

-Dr. Pam Lancaster -Tim Leehan

-Fred & Sue Leitert -Duane & Kim Marcy -Joe & Encie Moroski -Bob & Chris Naylor -Sonia Newman -Sheriff Bill & Debbie Niemi -Robert & Jeanne Novotny -Pat & State Sen. Sandy O'Brien -Art Risley -Judge Dave & Michele Schroeder -Steven & Heidi Sekanina -Steve & Sharon Schoneman -Lewis & Judith Shiley -Daryl & Debra Upole -Commissioner Kathryn Whittington

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