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Successful Forfeited Land Sale!

Auditor’s Office Held Record Breaking Forfeited Land Sale

Jefferson- Ashtabula County Auditor David Thomas announced a successful Forfeited Land Sale held at the County Commissioner’s Meeting Room the last week of October. The Auditor’s Office sold 67 parcels of land for $133,200 at the standing room only auction.

“These sales are positive things because the properties have been abandoned for years and often have good potential for use, but need legal owners and a fresh start,” explained Auditor Thomas. “We are holding as many auctions as possible to get through the backlog.”

This is Auditor Thomas’ 12th land auction since taking office in 2019. In total, he estimates roughly 450 properties have been auctioned off and received by local taxpayers and turned into productive parcels in the county.

The sale included a mixture of vacant properties and those with structures and homes. Vacant property began the foreclosure process in 2017 whereas improved properties were more recently added. Ohio law dictates that non-improved property must be delinquent in taxes for at least five years before action can be taken on them.

Properties available at this auction were from all parts of Ashtabula County, with concentrations in Roaming Shores, Dorset, Ashtabula, and Conneaut.

Roughly 110 residents and out of county bidders attended the auction which was also livestreamed on Auditor Thomas’ facebook page.

“We have held eight Vacant Land Sales and four Forfeited Land Sales in my Administration, a record in getting properties back in people who can enjoy them,” said Auditor Thomas. “We will be scheduling two more vacant land sales for early spring and appreciate the help of the Prosecutor and Treasurer’s Office in expediting these auctions.”

The two highest winning bids were for very different properties. The highest lot sold for $77,000 in a very competitive bidding war. That property is the old Moose Lodge in Saybrook Township on North Bend Road. The second highest auctioned property at $13,000 was a collection of three parcels on Ketchum Road in Saybrook Township which includes a residential home.

Remaining parcels varied in winning bid amounts, with only 24 not selling. Unsold parcels will be placed back into the sale for the next auction.

Funds collected will be used to pay the back-tax amounts owed on the properties in addition to court costs and fees. “The enthusiasm for this sale only continues to highlight our strong real estate market in the county and demand for properties,” stated Auditor Thomas.

Those interested in future sales should call 440-576-3785 or email to be placed on a notification list.


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